Whenever She Said We Had Been On a night out together, Does That Mean She Is Interested?


Reader Question:

I came across this woman last summer time from the fastfood restaurant I happened to be working at. Last week I asked this lady if she did not have anything for romantic days celebration in the pipeline. She questioned me if it was actually a romantic date, and that I said, "Would you like for it is a romantic date?" She replied with a "certain :)"

We walked around for a little and were having nearly continuous conversations. We pulled on a bouquet of flowers and provided these to her. She said she had never obtained flowers and provided me with a big cozy embrace. After-dinner, we talked and I also offered her some hugs and a kiss throughout the cheek. Through the day, she kept saying I was a very great and nice guy.

Can it look it may get somewhere? Whenever she said we had been fun on a date, really does that imply she actually is slightly interested in me?

-Joseph (Tx)

Dr. Wendy Walsh's Solution:

Oh Joseph, you nice, unskilled knucklehead. Either she's interested or you have actually thought every obvious indicators she provided you.

Here's my personal guidance:

Move gradually. Never scare her down with extreme attention too soon. Use the telephone in the place of text. And definitely exercise really sluggish really love when it comes to sexual contact.

Excess too soon will really fizzle things. Good-luck!

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