Mobile Crusher


Mobile crusher can work in the places with complex environments,it can be used as standalone units for single-stage crushing or integrated with other portable crushing and screening plants to enable two-stage, three-stage, or even four-stage crushing. This allows the mobile crushers to meet a wide range of crushing and screening requirements  so it is particularly used to process construction waste. Similarly, it also includes mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher and mobile impact crusher, etc. kinds of equipment, which provides many choices for customers.

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  •  Flexible Configurations

    The mobile crusher is designed with a focus on comprehensive functionality, stable performance, and strong practicality. The well-coordinated systems and components have significantly improved the overall productivity of the equipment

  • Enhanced Capabilities

    Compared to fixed production lines with similar equipment,  mobile crusher offers more reliable performance, greater functionality, richer feature sets, higher overall capacity, and wider application potential.

    Modular Design

  • The mobile crushers employ a modular design concept, where the same chassis can accommodate a variety of crusher units. This allows users to easily swap out the main crushing equipment based on their specific needs, enabling rapid upgrades and expansions of the production line.
  • Optimized Structures

    The mobile crusher feature optimized structural designs, including a boat-type frame, adjustable fenders, and advanced processing technologies. These enhancements contribute to the equipment’s durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

    By leveraging these innovative features,  mobile crusher provides customers with highly flexible and efficient portable crushing solutions tailored to their diverse requirements in various industries, such as mining, quarrying, and construction.

  • Hydraulic outrigger cylinder

    The vehicle body is configured with hydraulic outrigger cylinders to lift and lower the body chassis in a synchronous manner, with quick-mounting outrigger steel plates configured to achieve fast in-place parking at the working site and realize the effect of small range movement approximately like caterpillar equipment, which has considered the flexibility of tracked mobile crushers and equipment portfolio diversification of wheeled mobile crushers.

  • Electric control systemThe electrical circuit switching is standardized, with vibration isolation, dustproof and waterproof measures taken to have operation more secure and convenient. A feedback alarm system for overload electronic control signals is provided to achieve timely power-off shutdown in case of any fault, so standardized operations could be more easily available.


Modular crushing production line is a highly convenient modular and fast production line for sand and gravel crushing. Based on the applications of fixed and mobile production lines, it is launched by pre-designed crushing and screening modules and on-site layout planning. It maximizes fast delivery and quick assembly. The delivery and commissioning times is 30%-40% faster than traditional production lines. Additionally, it boasts high overall reliability and conforms to relevant international safety design standards. It also eliminates the need for large-scale concrete foundations, making it more environmentally friendly.


Typically, the portable crushing plant is externally powered. Uniformly, the raw materials are conveyed to the jaw crusher or impact crusher via the vibrating feeder for initial coarse crushing. Subsequently, the coarsely crushed materials are further processed by the cone crusher or impact crusher through the belt conveyor. Following this, the finely crushed materials undergo screening on the vibrating screen. Materials that meet size criteria are designated as finished products, while those falling short are redirected to the impact crusher or cone crusher for reprocessing, thus creating a closed circuit with multiple cycles. The granularity of the end products can be tailored to meet user requirements.


  • 泡沫干雾抑尘一体机案例1

    客户情况: 某石料生产线进行升级改造和手续重建,由重锤破、反击破、振动筛、制砂机、运输皮带等工艺。粉尘量大、点多。经矿领导考察了多种除尘方式和多家环保企业,最终与我公司达成合作协议,解决了困扰已久的环保问题。

    生产情况: 时产1000吨左右的石灰石骨料生产线

  • 泡沫干雾抑尘一体机案例2

    客户情况: 贵州某石料生产线进行现场粉尘治理改进工程,由鄂破、反击破、振动筛、运输皮带等工艺。粉尘量大、点多。由于之前治理方式落后、效果不理想。最终采用我公司纳米、干雾技。最终现场效果达到矿领导的预期和认可。

    生产情况: 时产400吨左右骨料生产线


  • 生物纳米泡沫抑尘剂

  • 伸缩溜筒

  • 干雾抑尘主机

  • HDC湿式除尘器



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